Agsis™ is Syscom Advanced Materials’ premier conductive fiber for electronic textile applications. By pairing the flexibility of traditional nylon fiber with the conductive and anti-microbial properties of silver,  Agsis™ provides a viable solution for demanding wearable design. Agsis™ can be embroidered, knit, sewn, or woven, eliminating design constraints while also outperforming competition with better durability and higher conductivity. 


Conductivity: Superior conductivity allows for Agsis™ to carry more current with less material than leading silver nylon competitors.

Durability:  Agsis™ outperforms traditional silver coated nylon threads in both durability and washability due to Syscom's proprietary coating technology.

Customization:  Agsis™   is available in both 100D and 200D base filament sizes, with tailored silver coatings based upon customer needs.

Compatibility:  Agsis™  is compatible with commercial textile equipment.

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