AmberStrand® features a number of properties that set it apart from conventional wire. AmberStrand® exhibits the strength, flexibility, and feel of Toyobo’s PBO fiber Zylon® within outer conductive metallizations. AmberStrand® can be used for braided shielding, as a bare wire, or can be coated with an insulated material. In the aerospace & defense industries, over-braids created with AmberStrand® exhibit performance measures unmatched by standard nickel-copper braids.

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Light-weight: Switching to AmberStrand® Fiber braided shielding can result in weight savings of up to 87%.

Flexible: AmberStrand® Fiber behaves as a thread or yarn.  It is a leading choice for applications where ease of movement and flexibility are critical.

Strong: Tensile strength of AmberStrand® is 7 times stronger than steel.

Durable: AmberStrand’s PBO fiber core results in superior performance in high vibration, high stress applications.

Compatible: AmberStrand® Fiber is fully compatible with standard braiding equipment. Shielding made with AmberStrand can be terminated by soldering or band connectors.

Shielding Performance: The textile-nature of AmberStrand® contributes to an extremely effective, uniform coverage for enhanced shielding performance.

AmberStrand combines the feel of textiles, strength of a PBO fiber, and the conductivity of copper