AmberStrand® Fiber is the product for the most demanding markets.

AmberStrand® Fibers have advantages over conventional conductive metal wires in flexibility, weight savings, mechanical strength, durability and tailored electrical conductivity.  AmberStrand® Fibers can be used as a shielding braid, as a bare wire, or can be coated with an insulation material. The properties of AmberStrand® fiber result in soft textile-like shields with more uniform electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding performance at a reduced weight. Further, AmberStrand® fiber can be terminated just like a regular metal with the choice of soldering or band connector. 


Features of Amberstrand® Fiber


Tailored conductivity for your application.

Reduced weight

Switching to Amberstrand® Fiber braided shielding can result in a weight savings of up to 87%.


The tensile strength is seven times that of steel.


The flexibility and strength of the PBO fiber core results in superior performance in high vibration, high stress applications.


Braid made AmberStrand® Fiber has replaced copper braid in applications where ease of movement and durability are critical.


AmberStrand® Fiber is fully compatible with standard braiding equipment. Shielding made with AmberStrand® can be terminated by soldering or band connectors.

Uniform Coverage

The textile properties of AmberStrand® Fiber yarn contribute to extremely effective, uniform shield coverage.

Better High Frequency Shielding

The AmberStrand® Fiber yarn provides a very excellent coverage, the extra surface area yields improved high frequency EMI shield performance.

Data Sheets ------- Amberstrand 166  ------- Amberstrand 332      

For information about using AmberStrand® Fiber for Aerospace EMI/RF Shielding, please see GlenAir's Website.