The core polymer of Liberator®­­­, Vectran™  by Kuraray, is a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Pound for pound Vectran™ is 5 times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum. Through Syscom’s capabilities, this exceptionally strong and durable fiber becomes the foundation of Liberator®; the remarkable properties of Vectran™ within conductive metal layers.

Liberator® possesses valuable qualities not only for applications using conventional wire, but also for aerospace and microwave cable shielding.

Flexible: Liberator® displays natural textile movements while still maintaining rigid features.

Weight Savings: Liberator® is 72% lighter than 30 AWG copper wire.

Mechanical Strength: 5 times greater break strength than 30 AWG (stranded 40/46) copper wire.

Thermal Properties: Liberator® features very low thermal expansion.

Shielding Performance: Cable shielding constructed with Liberator® rivals and even surpasses the performance of much heavier copper-based braids.

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Liberator’s combination of weight savings, conductivity, and flexibility replace the stiffness and bulk of copper in the cable shielding market