Traditionally, EMI shielding braid is constructed from heavy, nickel-copper wire. Braids constructed with Syscom’s AmberStrand® and X-STEEL™ fibers feature the shielding effectiveness of conventional braids without the weight and inflexibility. These fibers demonstrate the high-performance qualities needed in the aerospace market, while significantly reducing the weight. 

X-STEEL™ is the cost-effective option for high-temperature applications in need of a lighter, more efficient material. At half the weight of standard nickel-copper braids, X-STEEL™ also features excellent thermal stability and tailored electrical conductivity. X-STEEL™ is the best of both worlds; price and performance.

Braids woven with AmberStrand® Fibers boast similar qualities, but with even greater strength and weight savings. AmberStrand® is seven times stronger than steel, and is a proven material for the harshest aerospace and defense applications. Its integration can result in weight savings of up to 87%. When performance, strength, and weight savings are critical, AmberStrand® is the material of choice.

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