Quality Assurance Resources

Our Environmental Policy

The Syscom manufacturing site manufactures metal clad fibers for the aerospace and other industries. Syscom Advanced Materials Inc. is committed to the following environmental principles:

·        Continual improvement of our Environmental Management System (EMS) achieved through the use of common sense, engineering, maintenance, manufacturing practices, personnel training and education, and interactive participation between all personnel in the plant.

·        Support of pollution prevention

·        Management practices and environmental procedures that comply with ISO 14001 to meet our objectives and targets are periodically reviewed

·        Compliance with all applicable legal and other requirements

RoHS Compliance

 Our Quality Policy

To ensure product delivered meets the customer requirements, requirements of the current version of AS9100, and the organizations internal requirements by providing the objective quality evidence of:

·         Production by trained, competent technicians in accordance with approved instructions

·         Quality control checks including final product representative samples

·         Control of product realization

·         Commitment to continual improvement



Quality Documents

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