Syscom Advanced Materials, an ISO compliant company, was formed to develop, manufacture and market conductive fibers for demanding applications. The company is now a recognized leader for innovative technology and unique, high-performance conductive fibers. Syscom continues to research and develop advanced materials such as Metal Clad Fibers.

Syscom has unique abilities both as a business and within its research & development. Not only does Syscom offer proven, tested, and cutting-edge products of their own, but Syscom also works with numerous companies to find technologically tailored solutions based upon their needs.

In its short history, Syscom has become a leader in providing materials to the aerospace and other demanding industries with products designed to meet the most technical and stringent environments. Syscom’s commitment to continually improving the product now include improving all processes, which can be seen through the addition of the ISO compliant certification AS9100 and ISO 9001 since 2013.