Wearable Technology

AgsisAmberStrand®, and Liberator® can be used with traditional textile machinery such as sewing and embroidery equipment. They possess the same flexibility as traditional textiles but with the added advantage of a highly conductive outer metal coating.

The unique process used to create these fibers not only results in some of the most conductive threads commercially available, but also gives them other desirable qualities for the electronic textiles and wearable tech industries. The adhesion of metal cladding provides assurance in the sustainability of Syscom's metal clad fibers within a wearable device. For higher temperature applications and those requiring connection via soldering, AmberStrand® and Liberator® possess the ability to be soldered onto without any special equipment.

Syscom Advanced Materials has the ability to customize Twist per Inch (TPI) as well as conductivity for the wide variety of wearable tech and electronic textile applications.