X-STEEL utilizes 316L stainless steel fibers at its core. X-STEEL™ pairs the thermal integrity of stainless steel with the enhanced conductivity of an outer-metal cladding; such as nickel, copper, or silver.

For the aerospace & defense industry, braids created with X-STEEL™ boast cost-effective qualities. X-STEEL™ has high-temperature capability and equivalent EMI shielding performance at half the weight of standard nickel–copper braids.


Weight Savings: Superior coverage results in up to 50% total weight savings in aerospace applications.

Thermal Integrity: X-STEEL™ can perform where other materials cannot; near jet engines and other high-temperature environments.

Customization: X-STEEL™ is available in tailored filament counts/outer metal coatings based upon customer needs.

Compatible: X-STEEL™ is compatible with metal wire braiding equipment.

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X-STEEL is the "one size fits all” conductive fiber for the aerospace market; offering superior options concerning weight, conductivity, and coverage for a broad spectrum of end use applications